US-Taiwan Business Council Releases Report Analyzing the US-Taiwan Defense Relationship In 2003

The US-Taiwan Business Council today announced the availability of Defense Report – Annual Review 2003, the latest in a series of reports analyzing issues affecting the defense relationship between the U.S. and Taiwan.  This report is part of a suite of products and services available to Council members in the defense community, including weekly news eBulletins, quarterly and annual analysis reports, strategic consulting, relationship building, and an ongoing series of defense industry conferences.

The Annual Review of 2003 highlights positive developments in the US-Taiwan military relationship during the past year, and Taiwan’s successful implementation of a plan for procurement.  It also provides a status report on the special arms budget and on the progress of Taiwan’s major arms programs, including the diesel-electric submarine, anti-missile system, and C4ISR programs.

In addition, the report discusses the prospects for 2004, including reviewing some of what is known of the 2004 national defense budget, the potential implications of Taiwan’s March 2004 presidential election – including implications on LY passage of the special arms budget, and the outlook for the US-Taiwan defense relationship.

The report indicates that “barring unforeseen disruptions, the Taiwan military is poised to move forward on addressing its defense modernization objectives” and that “how the budget is handled after the election will be a strong indicator of the pace, direction, and commitment to military modernization,” regardless of who wins.


The US-Taiwan Business Council Releases Report Analyzing the US-Taiwan Defense Relationship In 2003 (PDF file)

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