Information: Taiwan Ministry of National Defense

The MND is responsible for formulating military strategy, setting military personnel policies, formulating draft and mobilization plans, delineating supply distribution policies, arranging the research on and development of military technology, compiling the national defense budget, setting military regulations, conducting court martial proceedings, and administering military law. Within the MND is the General Staff Headquarters (GSH), under which are the various services, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Armed Forces Reserve Command/Coast Guard Command, and Military Police Command. The ministry also has other subordinate agencies such as military academies, military courts, prosecutorial bureaus, and jails, as well as R&D institutions like the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST).

172 Bo-Ai Road, Jhongjheng District
Taipei 10048, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 2 2311-6117
Email: mnd@mnd.gov.tw
Website: www.mnd.gov.tw/

Army General Headquarters

The Army General Headquarters is responsible for developing and maintaining the Army’s combat power, commanding and supervising all subordinate troops and units. Under its command are the Army Logistics Command, Army Commands, and the Airborne and Special Operations Command. Also under its command are the various Army units.

P.O. Box 90620, Longtan
Taoyuan County, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 3479-2111
Website: army.mnd.gov.tw/

Air Force General Headquarters

The Air Force General Headquarters is responsible for the Air Force’s combat strength and commands and supervises all subordinate troops and units. The units include the Air Force Operations Command, the Air Force Logistics Command, the Air Defense Artillery Command, and various tactical wings.

55 Ren Ai Road, Section 3
Taipei 106, Taiwan

Phone: (886) 2 2711-1101
Website: air.mnd.gov.tw/

Navy General Headquarters

The Navy General Headquarters is in charge of developing and maintaining the Navy’s combat readiness, as well as commanding and supervising its entire subordinate fleets and ground units. Under its command are the Naval Fleet Command, the Marine Corps Headquarters, the Navy Logistics Command, Headquarters of the Naval Area Command, the Area Service Office, the Naval Base Command, and the Bureau of Maritime Survey. The subordinate Navy units are under the direct supervision of the Naval Fleet Command and are organized into the fleet, group, and ship levels. The Marine Corps units, like those of the Army, extend from the Marine Corps Headquarters.

305 Bei-an Road
Taipei 104, Taiwan
Phone: (866) 2 2533-3181
Website: navy.mnd.gov.tw/

Reserve Command

The Reserve Command is the operating body responsible for the control of personnel under reserve status in the Taiwan military. In the event of a crisis is issues the call for active reserves to report for duty.

Taipei City Reserve Command General Headquarters
365 Jinhu Rd., Neihu District
Taipei 114, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 2 2266-9025
Website: afrc.mnd.gov.tw

National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST)

As the leading institution for the research, development, and design of defense technology in Taiwan, CSIST employs some 6,000 scientists and more than 8,000 technicians. CSIST is divided into four major research divisions: aeronautics, missiles, electronics, and chemistry, with six centers for systems development, systems maintenance, quality assurance, materials R&D, aeronautic development, and missile manufacturing. Each research division or research center has a Director in charge of the research and development of its specialty, while planning units have project chairmen responsible for R&D program management and system integration.

CSIST was spun off from the Ministry of National Defense in April of 2014, added “National” to its name, and became NCSIST.

481 Jia-an Section, Zhongzheng Road
Taoyuan County 325, Taiwan
Phone: (886) 2 2673-9638
Website: www.ncsist.org.tw
Email: occso@csnet.gov.tw

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