Taiwan Defense & Security Report – Q2, 2007

In Taiwan, end of party primaries for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, to be held early in 2008, finally offered a much welcomed breakthrough in the long-stalemated defense budget, a budget that was finally approved during the second quarter of 2007. Completion of the party nomination process also effectively kicked off the election season, however, which could mean further partisan battles and much campaign politicking in the coming year.

This report reviews the significant events in the areas of Taiwan defense and national security during April, May and June of 2007. The analysis also surveys the major political developments which ultimately made the budget breakthrough possible, and which will continue to influence Taiwan’s national security policy arena for the rest of the year.

As a new feature, the quarterly reports will begin to look at the national security platform of each of the two principal presidential candidates, their views on Taiwan’s future defense and foreign policies and cross-Strait relations, and an overview of their respective decision-making circles. Finally, also included are the usual reviews of the status of defense policy matters, the defense budget, U.S.-Taiwan security cooperation, and major procurement programs.


Executive Summary: Taiwan Defense & Security Report – Q2, 2007

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